beading frenzy

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

beading frenzy
Well, it's the day after Christmas- and I will have to admit- It's been a strange one.
I am in sunny Florida plowing through my parents overly stuffed house. The last time I worked this hard was when my own house burned down several years ago. I made spaghetti for Christmas dinner. I got off easy. I usually cook for a week. My mother and I had dinner on the porch that I spent several days cleaning out and it was indeed pleasant- dinner that is!
I've heard from many of my Michigan friends and hope they all had a nice holiday.
My dad is in a nursing home and has moments of lucidity but maintains his sense of humor. Good thing. I think these homes are sad places. My friend, Sue said that everything that you need for a nursing home can be put into one shopping bag- She's correct.
I will probably be in Florida a while longer and then return to my beads and the great frozen north.

I miss my dog!


ps- it's wonderful to be so dam anonymous on the internet!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

beading frenzy

Well kids the purses were a big hit at the Flint Institute of Arts. And I wish I had a dollar for everyone who told me how wonderful they are and what a great artist I am-
I would like to get an exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and some cool boutiques in Hollywood or Palm Beach-

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

beading frenzy
Well- good news kids! My beaded purses are going to be on exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts. I've had my stained glass exhibited in both the Toronto Museum of Art and the Corning Museum of Glass; but it's been a while-
So, it was one of my goals to get the bags into a museum. Hooray!
I think it's time to raise the prices!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

beading frenzy
Good News and Dissappointing News
Well, the good news is that my beadwork will be on exhibit at the Flint Institute of Arts for a few days in November. It's been a while since I've had a museum exhibit. So, I am excited about it!
And the Dissappointing news is that the Tigers lost the World Series. They've made amazing progress this year and maybe next year, the boys will bring it home.

We spent the week end at a friend's vacation home in northern Michigan. It was great to get away in the woods. Coney, my angel dachshund, behaved beautifully. But that is what I expect from him!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

beading frenzy
Hooray Hooray!!!!!!
The TIGERS are in the world series!
Go Tigers!!!!!

Just got back from a trip up to the upper penninsula- 8" of snow on the ground-
sort of weird to see Halloween decorations in the snow- but having made many trips to the yoop over the years- I had my boots, gloves, and tibetan lamb coat with me- so I didn't freeze!

Found a nice beaded purse at the Vinny's in L'anse- and a Sterling silver mirror and brush at a garage sale for a buck!

Will be decorating my friend's store for Christmas next week-
Let's hope she gets a lot of business-
To say things are slow in Michigan is the understatement of the year-
Every other house is for sale- I use to want to sell mine and move to California-
But- it doesn't look like that will happen unless some miracle occurs-


Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is my angel, Coney, with his Taco Bell dog- He just loves to make them talk- It's pretty funny-


beading frenzy
The TIGERS KICK NYC Yankees' butts!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

beading frenzy
I don't know about you; but, I'd like my country back. I am tired of people shooting children in schools. I am tired of pedophiles molesting innocent children. And I am particularly tired of that weird church protesting at funerals. I'm tired of seeing the middle class being eliminated because of illegal immigration and corporate america giving jobs away to the lowest bidder. I am really tired of the lobbyists who really do control the United States.
I live in Michigan. Not so long ago- you could get a decent job with the auto companies and make a good living. Those days are gone. Over 100,000 have lost their jobs in Michigan. Michigan has the highest unemployment rate and lots of unsalable houses.
I am also tired of offending people who kill americans, behead them, and drag their bodies through the street. And I'll just bet all of Katrina's victims who live in FEMA trailers are dam tired of that- Isn't it amazing we can spend 2 billion dollars a week on World War Three and not do too much about our fellow americans.